About Us

Kranberra is a fashion juice with our key ingredients being luxury material mixed with easy to wear styles. Our parent company, Curious Components, has been setting styles and trends since 2016. We at Kranberra want you to have fun with fashion. We made it possible by bringing you your very own Kranberrino festival, which juices out fashion. We call it your closet's happy hour.

At Kranberra we believe that what makes an outfit special is that you are wearing it. Not the event or the audience - but you. You are the stylist, the main character, and our muse. It’s your look - we are just delivering it. 

Immerse yourself in our Kranberra world and discover the best styles for your next occasion.

PS: Did you know about the happy hours of fashion - they are the Kranberra hours! So start your happy hours and shop with us now.